Quotes from the Critics
Chicago, IL
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Seattle, WA
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Seattle, WA ... Village Theatre

"A quality tribute to First Lady ... has warmth, humor, wisdom and some darned catch tunes to boot. Politics takes a back seat to the personal in this story of the young Eleanor and her evolving relationship with her cousin Franklin, whose interest in the shy Eleanor led to their marriage, eventually bringing her into the national spotlight. Tierney, Forster and Bolt's Eleanor is a fitting tribute to her memory."

Scott Bessho, The Seattle Press


"The show is stirring. The production blends humor, pathos, high spirits, misfortune, history, fiction, passion and ideas... the mix accumulates real power. Thomas Tierney's tunes do the job... 'New Century Walk' has that early 1900s Tin Pan Alley throwaway sound. A lovely sailboating song 'Running Before the Wind' has metaphorical implications that are both erotic and ideological."

Joe Adcock, Seattle Post Intelligencer


"A bright, sprightly entertainment... that lives for the moment. The show gives Eleanor flesh and blood, and a few fancy dance steps to boot."

Tim Appelo, The Seattle Times


"Strong cast, strong story ... The Village Theatre opened its new season in triumph with a standing ovation for the new musical Eleanor ... the play proved to have both substance and wit."

Freddie Brinster, Journal-American


"Immensely rewarding. Legendary compassion runs strong in Eleanor, a good-hearted and inspiring musical. Tierney's music is well-crafted, and Forster's lyrics are rich in exposition. Eleanor is an excellent musical - it might become something enduring."

Bruce Jensen, Rave