Quotes from the Critics
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC
Pittsburgh, PA

"Eleanor succeeds because it's got drama and heart. Not just a colorful and episodic political pageant, but a drama that turns on real issues. Even a die-hard anti-Rooseveltian should respond to the intimate personal and family drama at the center of this bunting-bedecked musical. And there's Thomas Tierney's score ... tooting, jazzy, syncopated and sprightly."

Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"Eleanor grips us from start to finish. With a crisp and informative book by Jonathan Bolt, lovely and interesting music by Thomas Tierney, and clever, often moving lyrics by John Forster. It would be hard to name another musical play that so deftly captures the genuine qualities of a real heroine. A wonderful rousing success. Fresh and appealing ... a memorable experience."

Beekman Cottrell, WQED-FM


Eleanor "sparkles with humor and pathos. It's a winner, richly deserving of the standing ovation the audience awarded it. The music is memorable ... the show's dialogue flows seamlessly into song."

Gladys Blews Wilson, Times/Beaver Newspapers

"Abundant professionalism and theatricality. A stylish production and an attractive cast that win by a landslide. Red-white-and-blue history with energy and warmth, pace and fluidity."

Donald Rosenberg, The Pittsburgh Press