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"That rarity of rarities -- an intelligent musical. It's proof that treating serious subjects seriously, even in a musical, can yield miraculous results. The right combination of story, songs and characters... emerges as part slice of history, part character study, and an object lesson for anyone interested in seeing a musical in which the songs are well-written and an integral part of the show. A narrative line that follows history, telling an intimately personal story, and presenting a cadre of songs that delineate character and propel the story. A slice of Americana made highly palatable through superb craft, intelligence and attention to minute detail. Eleanor and 'Eleanor' -a match made in heaven."

Eric Marchese, The Orange County Register


"Eleanor gives hope for the future of the American musical theatre. An exuberant celebration of a remarkable woman and her life. Thomas Tierney's music recalls the turn of the century with upbeat, ragtime rhythms ("The New Century Walk"/"Fun") while also providing some lovely melodies for the ballads/anthems that lyricist John Forster creates ("Running Before the Wind"/"If We Go On"). There is more than one love story shown in Jonathan Bolt's book... Bolt shows Franklin's love of politics and Eleanor's love for the downtrodden, and reminds us of America's love for the four-term President and his very active First Lady."

Rob Stevens, It's Showtime (Critic's Choice)


"A lavish, uplifting production... that winningly celebrates the successes and hardships experienced by America's true First Lady. Delivered with warmth and creativity by Musical Theatre West, Eleanor - An American Love Story, offers a musical tribute to that richness and to the courage and charm that defined Eleanor's character. Together, lyricist John Forster, composer Thomas Tierney, and book writer Jonathan Bolt have woven a tightly knit chronicle with a clever mix of humor and poignant emotion... a delightful illustration of Eleanor's bittersweet and captivating life story."

Kristina Mannion, Back Stage West (Critic's Picks)


"A moving story of a woman with real character. Eleanor complements Ragtime... and offers insights of its own on the same era in American history. Jonathon Bolt's book is concise, witty and well-researched. Thomas Tierney's 'Conjugation' and 'Dancing On and On' are among its half-dozen thoroughly fetching melodies. Eleanor ... gives us a sense of just how much courage and maturity this remarkable woman possessed."

Bruce Feld, Drama-Logue (Critic's Choice)


"A very convincing, uplifting 'American Love Story'. The audience showered Victoria Strong with applause for her portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt, and Tony Cummings' bearing, looks and comedic timing left us feeling we were indeed watching a young FDR. Both Strong and Cummings are romantic charmers, whether in the joy or pain of love. Particularly dear is their poignant duet, 'If We Go On.' 'The way to receive is to give', Eleanor sings, and in this brief tour through the life of one incredible woman, we're left to reflect on the words in that song that truly depicted her life and dedication to lifting the human spirit."

Kam Kiminske, Press-Telegram


"Eleanor given masterful recognition by La Mirada. Put this play date at the top of your list. Musical Theatre West present an in depth character study ... entertainingly. Music by Chicagoan Thomas Tierney is superb. Lyrics by John Forster are honest and revealing. Victoria Strong and Anthony Cummings together make a wonderful pair to watch. And, the entire production under keen direction of John Henry Davis. Rated 4 Stars."

Alex Koba, Westminister Herald