Quotes from the Critics
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

"Triumphant ... a work of surprising visceral force. A potent profile in courage ... deftly drawn. What musicals do best is explore the emotional life of characters ... it is in this area that Eleanor is most triumphant. As it moves on to anatomize the Roosevelts' deeply problematic marriage and the political whirlwind that spun around it, Eleanor takes off, climaxing with 'If We Go On,' a song of gripping provisional reconciliation."

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times


"Eleanor ... fits the mold for a heroine of today. The show races in big dramatic leaps ... closes with Eleanor triumphant, having put fresh resolve in her polio-stricken husband's political career and, more importantly, having asserted herself as a free spirit."

Richardson Christiansen, Chicago Tribune


"A literate, entertaining show. The standing ovation on opening night will be a ritual for the entire run."

Dan Zeff, Copley News