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Washington, DC ... Ford's Theatre

"I loved it! ... a play for the turn of the century ...
for people to understand and appreciate. There's so much there. I can't wait for you to get into the Ford's Theatre to see this. It's just wonderful!"

Diane Rehm, WAMU, National Public Radio

"The perfect musical ... ELEANOR - An American Love Story is satisfying as theater in itself. With lovely music, beautiful voices, engaging performances, this musical taps into the spirit that is truly American. Each song and plot episode is intricately intertwined so that the story progresses quickly with a sense of sustained energy."

Roger Meersman, The Journal

"Wonderfully tuneful, excitingly dramatic...
definitely a big hit and has something for all ages! The book by Jonathan Bolt is precise and very emotionally moving with adequate witticisms to keep it joyful. And the music by Thomas Tierney and lyrics by John Forster keep the story moving along at a brisk pace. What a wonderful show... ELEANOR should pack them in until June."

Bob Anthony, World Wide Web

"'Love Story' rings, sings true ...
The ELEANOR book, written by Jonathan Bolt, is a beautifully realized dramatic piece that explores the hidden heart and soul of the young Eleanor. The author has an eye for psychological detail and a poet's command of dialogue. John Forster's lyrics have a silvery, shimmering beauty, like the haunting melodies that composer Thomas Tierney has woven into this dramatic tale. One knows the show is home free when the audience begins to applaud dramatic scenes as well as the musical numbers."

Bill Morrison, The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)

"A story for us all
A tale well-suited to the requirements of the American musical. A kinder, gentler Eleanor than the one we associate with the Roosevelt presidency, making her revelation of the steel all the more gripping. ELEANOR -- An American Love Story provides a valuable look at a woman who found that the only way to face life was to face it with courage. ELEANOR's 'Love Story' lingers."

Lisa Rauschart, The Washington Times

"An inspiring new musical
about love, betrayal, and courage. ELEANOR -- An American Love Story is both heartwarming and heart-breaking ... a beautiful and important production. It's not only a story of love, tragedy, and renewal, but now, at the end of the century, it brings alive two of its most important people, who changed the face of America. The book and lyrics are witty and solid, the music holds and moves you, all the way to the end. A great show for the whole family."

Faiga Levine, Channel 21

"Professional, sharply staged and buoyant...
genuinely bracing. A snappy throwback to the era when Broadway musicals knew both what they were about and how to entertain. In a world of aggressively overproduced megamusicals, this show seems perfectly content to be pleasantly involving with score and characters doing most of the heavy lifting. A sharp production."

Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper

"A thoroughly lovable and heartwarming show.
. The songs form the majority of the script, moving the action along briskly. The ballads are lovely and well sung, and there is fresh, clever humor in numbers such as 'First You Serve Your Husband,' and 'Practical Politics'. Dance numbers like 'The New Century Walk' enhance the show ... ELEANOR is definitely worth seeing ... it brings to life these colorful historical characters in a very believable, most entertaining way."

Jamie Graboyes, The Review

"Moving, funny and well-crafted.
Jonathan Bolt's book effectively takes the audience through the early life of Eleanor Roosevelt ... a pleasant evening of music performed quite well by an extraordinary cast. One of the most memorable musical moments comes when Howe and FDR sing the exuberant tune 'Practical Politics.' An enjoyable evening and I would highly recommend it to."

Tony Swanick, Talkin' Broadway!

"Really worth seeing and hearing
There's a sweet, musical love story going on currently at Ford's Theatre about the early days of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt ... a touching, interesting portrayal of this couple. The music and lyrics are wonderful as are the two lead stars, Anne Kanengeiser and Anthony Cummings."

Rich Massabny, Channel 33